Secure, private p2p cloud service with strong end-2-end encryption
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Secure, private peer-2-peer cloud service with strong end-2-end encryption.

Fast and confidential file transfer of any size to any device.

What are our benefits from others?


Due to the decentralized structure, your files are stored only on your trusted Devices (PC, tablet, NAS etc), without sending to third-party servers.

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The end-2-end data encryption built into our products eliminates the substitution or interception of any files being sent. Nobody except you can decode the data, including us.

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High Speed

Thanks to p2p technology for file transfer, a stunning speed is achieved. The data passes along the shortest path and as a consequence saves your time and resources.

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You create your own trusted cloud from your controlled devices (PC, Mac, Server, Tablet etc.) by installing the Private Box application on each device that you would like to make a part of your company's infrastructure. Cloud may contains from 1 to infinity of devices of any capacity.

Automatic and selective synchronization between devices is available, collaboration with colleagues, transferring files to external users and many others tunings.

Protected from external intrusions, listening, interception, safe and high-speed tool for business saves time and resources of your company. Right here, right now. Get Private. Get a Private Box!